KVIRIKE_Site Plan.jpg

Kvirike Mosque

As one of the oldest surviving mosques in the region, Kvirike was recently designated a protected heritage monument. The minaret and madrasa (the foundations of which are visible in the site plan, to the right of the mosque) were demolished during the Soviet period, but many historic architectural details remain intact. Most prominent are wooden bars protecting the windows, an elaborate minbar, and a door carved with an Ottoman style tulip motif. As with many earlier mosques, Kvirike’s ceiling has a shallow coffer rather than a full dome. Adjara’s regional heritage authorities recently guided a renovation that prioritized technical conservation over functionality: restoring the windows, adding a new tile roof, and preserving the wood without repainting it or adding insulation. The village, however, is no longer deeply observant and the mosque often stands empty aside from Friday or holiday services.



DISTRICT : Kobuleti
LOCATION : 41°46'07.9"N 41°50'20.0"E
CONSTRUCTION DATE : 1861 (hijra 1277)
ARCHITECT : Laz from Arhavi (Turkey) 
No (original taken down; none rebuilt)