Dghvani Mosque

Dghvani mosque is situated in the west of the village. While the roofing material has been updated to sheet metal over the decades, the exterior of the building is still the original wood siding. There is no minaret. Instead loud speakers affixed to the side of the building are used for the call to prayer. The building has impressively survived Soviet demolition orders, a landslide, and a recent population decline, the result of which is the preservation of some of Adjara’s most elaborate interior painted murals.



DISTRICT : Shuakhevi 
41°34'47.6"N 42°12'42.5"E
POPULATION : 284; Greater Dghvani 1158
CONSTRUCTION DATE  : 1907 (hijra 1325)
RENOVATION DATE(S) : 1969, 1990s
ARCHITECT : Omer Usta, Usta Bin Ahmed (Laz)