Pirveli Maisi


Pirveli Maisi Mosque

The mosque in Pirveli Maisi (lit. “May First,” in honor of International Workers’ Day) dates to the same period as Kvirike and shares its traditional architectural details: exuberant Georgian vernacular wood carving (rather than the applied ornament of later periods) and a shallow recess in the ceiling (rather than a dome). Despite its architectural significance and a regular congregation, the village has been unable to organize a renovation since the early 1990s.



LOCATION : 41°34'47.6"N 42°12'42.5"E
POPULATION : 525; greater Pirveli Maisi, 1213
CONSTRUCTION DATE : 1865 (hijra 1281)
RENOVATION DATE(S) : early 1990s
ARCHITECT : Bashusta Ali Kilaoghli
MINARET : NO; one made of stone/brick destroyed in Soviet times