Goginauri Mosque

Akho mosque is located in the center of the village with its minaret visible on the skyline. Compared to other mosques in Keda district, it is medium in size and has a standard floor plan. As the oldest known mosque in Adjara, Akho was recently renovated as part of a regional preservation effort. The building itself dates to 1818, but a foundation stone marked with the hijri year 1340 (1920-21 AD) suggests later renovation. What survives is a palimpsest of regional mosque decoration: the carved door and minbar speak to the fusion of Ottoman motifs with Georgian vernacular during the Ottoman period, while the applied (rather than carved) interior wall decoration, fluted doric columns, and painted mural are more typical of the Russian imperial period.  


LOCATION : 41°39'14.8"N 42°03'26.2"E
CONSTRUCTION DATE : 1818 (hijra  1233)
RENOVATION DATE(S) : 1920-1921; 1990s
ARCHITECT : Usta Hussein (Laz) 
MINARET : Originally had a minaret dating until at least 1920; new minaret added in 1990s